Introducing our leadership point of view

Much excitement (and sense of personal achievement for me!) this week as we unveil our leadership point of view The third of our perspectives on the areas we’re proud to call ourselves experts in… alongside change and teams, the leadership point of view has taken a while to form Why?  A couple of reasons really,

What a Difference a Word Can Make!

Last week I participated in a BPS Communication Skill webinar.  As I reflected on my key takeouts, the standout that I’ll be experimenting with is changing just one word – ‘anything’ to ‘something’.  Over the last few days, all the people I’ve discussed it with agree that it just seems to make sense and they’re

Upside Down Leadership and Timpson’s Success

A recent series of solo car journeys has seen me turn to podcasts for entertainment and the opportunity to catch up on the back catalogue of Desert Island Discs.  Businessman John Timpson kept me company on the journey to Leeds this weekend and resonated on lots of levels – particularly because I’ve regularly experienced great

Excited by your work….the exception or the norm?

My daughter rang me yesterday bubbling over with excitement after an amazing interview for her first “proper” job… and today she was even more excited when they offered her the job.  It suddenly made me think about how infectious excitement is and equally how fragile it can be. How much of the time are you

Measuring success by results alone – the downfall of Ranieri

I’m intrigued by the recruitment discussions that the board at Leicester City Football Club executive must find themselves in today.  Recruitment that’s required because they just sacked the manager who won the premier league in his first season, described on their own website as their ‘greatest triumph in 133 years’.   “We need to find

We had a ball! – Amazing lessons in leadership

Can you pinch me please? Did that really happen?… Did we really spend the day yesterday on the most amazing, behind the scenes, money can’t buy study tour of Saracens Rugby Club – European and Premiership Champions?! Yes. …. and to top it off, we shared the experience with some of our most esteemed partners. Yesterday

How reverse mentoring supports upside down leadership

I attended a CIPD branch meeting on Reverse Mentoring in Global Organisations this week… One of those eventbrite topics that seemed intriguing (and was free!) to attend. I didn’t really consider what Reverse Mentoring was, and was grateful for the speaker posing that question to the audience first. What was interesting in our collective responses

What absence at the Christmas party says about your leadership

The Leading Edge Christmas Party this year was the usual jolly affair – good food, good banter and more spangles than are found on the Strictly dancefloor on a Sunday morning.  Despite there being more than 20 of the team in party hats, we still had a fair number of noticeable absences. While client needs in Stockholm or Ireland had

Rugby, VW and Leadership Responsiblity

Even if you don’t ‘do’ rugby… you can’t fail to have heard, seen, or felt the impact of the England vs Wales match, and it’s nail-biting climax which saw the ‘visitors’ beat the hosts on home soil this weekend.  Amongst the national patriotism, celebrations and post mortem analysis, Warren Gatland, Head Coach of Wales described

Labours leadership darkhorse .. could you have one in your stable?

As the Labour leadership election enters it’s fraught and final stages (with ballot papers starting to be issued today), the headlines are dominated with Jeremy Corbyn, or ‘the veteran left-wing darkhorse’ as most journalistic by-lines describe him. Having been an MP for 22 years, it seems the cause of much of the speculation around Mr Corbyn is based

Who is responsible for FIFAs culture and leadership?

The last 48 hours has seen social media and news channels outraged at the latest corruption allegations against the organisation that’s been led for 17 years by Sepp Blatter.  But amongst the outrage, the petitions, the MPs calling for his resignation; the response from Mr Blatter reveals much about the President’s leadership style 36 hours

What Zuckerberg stole from me

Mark Zuckerberg made headlines yesterday with his keynote Town Hall speech at the latest Facebook meeting in Barcelona. The Independent’s headline read ‘Facebook CEO on the one simple test he sets for all potential employees’.  (The link’s below if you didn’t see the article.)  So what was the wisdom of Zuckerberg? “I will only hire