Changing Rooms

The Change House featured last week in part of an on-going Leadership Development Programme we’re proud to be supporting.  Whilst there’s sometimes debate around who the model is attributed to and the addition of two basement rooms to the original four, ultimately our aim is all about practical application and learning ‘dance not steps’.  We

Honouring Team History

We’re excited this week to be talking with a client about creating behaviours for shared culture in their organisation.  The time is now right for their two merged teams to focus on ‘how’ they are going to work together to become a united, high performance team. We think that our ‘Honour History Timeline Activity’ will

Getting New Year’s Resolutions to stick

  As we head into the New Year weekend, many people will be taking the opportunity to look back on 2017. I like to do a bit of “GUBA” myself – reflecting on the year and thinking what made it Good, Ugly, Bad and Awesome.   I find thinking about all those Good and Awesome

Busting Beliefs in time for Christmas!

For organisations embarking on a change programme, it’s the perfect time of year to introduce an approach for busting unhelpful beliefs that create resistance to change.  All thanks to Father Christmas! At a client conference last week, Patrick Marr (Leading Edge, Owner Director) introduced the group of 120 leaders to a process what will enable

Do we need to Digitox?

Our Leading Edge Point of View on Change has a number of components, which came to mind as I read the book ‘Digitox: How to Find a Healthy Balance for Your Family’s Digital Diet’ (Proud to say it’s written by one of our own ‘Team Green’ colleagues, Mark Ellis!). As Eddie Obeng’s New World Management

Doctor Who #13 and Transition Theory… no, not an episode title

So Doctor Who is female.  And the twittersphere is having a meltdown.  For every tweet hailing the break through in the glass ceiling that is Jodie Whittaker’s appointment as the 13th TimeLord, there’s an equally vocal tweet from traditionalist ‘Whovians’ determined to vent their anger in ‘Why oh Why BBC…?’ style And the rest of

Is the apprenticeship levy the elephant in the corner of your room?

When you see the words “apprenticeship levy” – are you… a) sitting into the smug zone… safe in the knowledge you’ve nailed your business approach and a ready to rock from April 1 ? b) groaning a little (maybe on the inside, but groaning nonetheless) – it’s out there, you’ve looked at it and just

Wimbledon OR Love

As Wimbledon comes to a close this weekend, I was intrigued by the throw away line many media outlets reported about Cibulkova, the No. 19 seed. Cibulkova had progressed to the quarterfinals, where she faced Vesnina.. and it became clear that if she progressed she faced a real challenge around the scheduling of the final.

Human Change Equation

We love it when delegates take a concept or an idea and really own it for themselves. Last week we supported the 120 members of the Mars Petcare global leadership team in Madrid. We introduced them to Dannemillar’s Change Equation and it really resonated for many of them as we explored the agenda over 3

If the TOMS founder is disillusioned, what hope for the rest of us?

I’ve always had nothing but admiration for Blake Mycoskie and his TOMS business. (for those who aren’t familiar, Blake while travelling befriended children in a village in Argentina and found they had no shoes. He created TOMS, a company that would match every pair of shoes purchased with a pair of new shoes given to

As the year turns..

Amongst the merriment and celebrations, as the last of the turkey is consumed and the bottom of the Quality Street tin is revealed, the seasonal nostalgia starts to creep in. A time for reflection, and consideration of the year gone by. I decided to dig out the first blog post of 2015 and (perhaps inevitably!) it

Facebooks billion users and the pace of change

Facebook announced the milestone of being used by one billion users in a day on 27 August 2015.  Only 22 months after it announced the stat of one billion users accessing the site at least once a month. If we were in any doubt , that one comparable statistic gives us a clear indication –